Overview Edit

Name: Siobhan O'Dair

Shadow Name: Rosemary

Path: Moros

Order: Mysterium

Legacy: None

Cabal: None

Offices: None

Concept and Inspirations: Taxi Dancer of the Damned

Age: 22

Known HistoryEdit

-1920: Rosemary is born in Chicago, a first-generation Irish-American.  Her mother leaves before she is two years old, and Rosemary is raised by her father.

-1941: The USO is founded; Rosemary joins the Organization and tours with the Camp Shows as a dancer.

-1942: One of the Camp Shows Rosemary is touring with falls under attack.  Although she survives, miraculously unharmed, the pressure and shock of so many dead and dying spirits around her shocks her into Awakening. 

-1943: Rosemary leaves the USO, eventually winding up at the Sunset Pacific Bar, where she takes up work as a taxi dancer under the name Siobhan O'Dair.  She seems to have a fondness for the young GI's in the area, and in her spare time volunteers as a nurse at the Army hospital.

Character DescriptionEdit

Rosemary is a strikingly beautiful young woman - small, slender, and almost frail-looking, with classic Black Irish coloring.  Her complexion is a pale ivory, her black hair always seems to be escaping its victory rolls in wisps of unruly curls, and her face is dominated by over-large eyes of an unusually dark shade of blue.

She tends to dress in a stylish but understated fashion, and while she's pleasant and cheerful with the young men she dances with, she always seems to have an aura of quiet solemnity at odds with her outgoing, energetic role as a dancer.


When Rosemary works magic, she seems to be surrounded by a halo of darkness that spreads out from around her - as it gets stronger the halo becomes larger, and dark sparks seem to shimmer in her hair and around her hands.  The air turns colder around her, and her skin becomes icy to the touch.


-Rosemary's father was a rum-runner, and he (and she) have both friends and enemies with significant "family" connections....

-Unlike most other dancers, Rosemary doesn't go "fishing" among her customers for favors and gifts, but she still somehow manages to support herself surprisingly well...


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"Hey, Big Spender," Sweet Charity

"Ghost." Indigo Girls

"Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree," Andrews Sisters

"Numb As A Statue," Warren Zevon

"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/Sing Sing Sing," Burn the Floor

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