Overview Edit

Name: Unknown
Shadow Name: Gisela Brandt
Path: Mastigos
Order: Apostate
Legacy: None
Cabal: None
Offices: None
Concept and Inspirations:
Age: mid 20s (though looks younger)

Known Past Edit


  • 1943: Arrives in the USA from Germany via London, an asylum seeker from the war, her papers saying she is Dr Gisela Brandt, psychiatrist.
  • 1943: Given a position in a psychiatric hospital for returning soldiers.

Character Description Edit

Gisela is officially 26, though doesn't look her age. She's average height, slender but with curves. She's a flaming red head with deep brown eyes and extremely fair skin. Her colouring suggests not a lot of time spent outdoors.

During the daytime she prefers dark colours, usually skirt suits and conventional heels and stockings, always a hat when outdoors, dark glasses if it's too sunny. Evenings anything goes, depending on the occasion.

Nimbus Edit

Facts and Rumour Edit

  • she only fled Germany when the hospital where she was located was bombed.
  • she occasionally talks to herself.
  • hasn't been awakened long.

Soundtrack Edit

Quotes Edit

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